The Beers

The 2015 festival features more handcrafted, imported and domestic brews than any other beer event in Wichita.  There will also be a selection of non-beer adult beverages and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

2015 Midwest Beerfest List of Beers will be updated soon…



Below is the list from 2014 just to wet your thirst…

East Coast Region

Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)

Boston Vienna Lager 4.9% abv

Cream Stout 4.96% abv

Cherry Wheat 5.3% abv

Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale 8.5% abv

Harvest Pumpkin Ale 5.7% abv

Harvest Saison

New World Tripel 10.0% abv

Octoberfest Marzen 5.3% abv

Rebel IPA

Stoney Brooke red Wild Ale 9.0% abv

Tetravis Quadrupel 10.2% abv

Thirteenth Hour Stout 9.0% abv

Brewery Ommegang

Abbey Dubbel Ale 8.2% abv

Fleur de Houblon Belgian-Style Pale Ale 6.8% abv

Gnommegang Belgian-Style Strong Pale Ale 9.5% abv

Hop House Belgian Pale 6.0% abv

Rare Vos Belgian-Style Pale Ale 6.5% abv

Three Philosophers Quadrupel 9.8% abv


English Style Mild Ale 5.1% abv

India Pale Ale 6.3% abv

Octoberfest Marzen 5.5% abv

Original Honey Brown 4.5% abv

Pilsner 5.0% abv

Porter 6.5% abv

Evil Twin Brewing

Freudian Slip Barleywine Ale 10.3% abv

Hipster Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Hop Flood Amber Ale 7% abv

Lil B Porter 11.5% abv

Low Life German Pilsner 5.5% abv

Molotov Cocktail Imperial IPA 13% abv

Yang Imperial IPA 10% abv

Imperial Stout 10% abv

Magic Hat Brewing

#9 Pale Ale 5.1% abv

Bittersweet Lenny’s Rye DIPA 10% abv

Circus Boy Hefeweizen 4.54% abv

Death of a Contract Brewer Black IPA 7% abv

Genesis Dry-hop Session Ale 5.5% abv

Hop Manna American IPA 6.8% abv

Schmaltz Brewing (He’Brew)

Messiah American Brown Ale 5.5% abv

Whilhelm Scream Pumpkin 5.4% abv

Stillwater Artisanal Ales

As Follows Belgian Strong Ale 9% abv

Classique Saison Farmhouse Ale 4.5% abv

Existent Saison Farmhouse Ale 7.4% abv

Folklore Belgian Strong Dark Ale 8.4% abv

Saison Darkly Farmhouse Ale 8% abv

Why Can’t IBU Belgian IPA 5.7% abv



Kansas Region


Big John’s Brewing

Honey Wheat Ale 4.5% abv


Defiance Brewing

Gutch English-Style Mild 5% abv

Thrasher Session IPA 4.5% abv

Willy Nilly Golden Ale (Ginger & Orange Peel) 5% abv

Free State Brewing Co.

Ad Astra German Altbier 5.6% abv

Copperhead Pale Ale 6.0% abv

Ironman Imp Stout 8.4% abv

Oatmeal Stout 6.1% abv

Octoberfest Marzen 5.4% abv

Wheat State Golden Kolsch 5.1% abv

Winterfest IPA

Spec Release TBD

Spec Release TBD

Granite City Brewing

Duke IPA

Falling Leaf Autumn Ale


Hank is Wiser

Linger IPA 5% Abv

Peachy Pale Ale

Seasonal Porter TBA

Seasonal Stout TBA

Seasonal Wheat TBA

Watermelon Pale Ale

Radius Brewing Company

Low 5 Pale Ale 5.2% abv

Porter 6% abv

Rumor Has It…IPA 6.6% abv

William Allen Wheat 5.4% abv

River City Brewing Co

Apricot Brett Saison 6% abv

Blitzkrieg (Imp Oktoberfest Lager) 9% abv

Cerveza De Chile Verde 5.5% abv

Flemish Red 6% abv

Robtimus Citra 7.5% abv

Surprise Firkin TBA

Tallgrass Brewing Co.

8-Bit Pale Ale 5.2% abv

Buffalo Sweat Milk Stout 5% abv

Ethos IPA 6.8% abv

Pub Ale English Mild 4.4% abv

Special Release – TBA

Zombie Monkey Porter 6.2% abv

Walnut River Brewing

High Beam IPA 7.7% abv

Tetor Rock Kolsch 4.7% abv

Warbeard Irish Red 5.6% abv

Wichita Brewing Company

5:02 Amber 5.82% abv

Belgian Dubbel 7.25% abv

Half Wit Wheat 5.82% abv

One Hopper Pale Ale 5.16% abv

Passion Fruit Saison 5.25% abv

Yumkin Pumpkin 6.7% abv


Gluten Free Section


Bard’s Tale Brewing  – Buffalo, New York

Dragon Gold 4.3% abv

Estrella Dam Brewing – Barcelona, Spain

Estrella Dam Daura Lager 5.4% abv

De Proef Brouwerij – Hazel Grove Stockport, UK

Green’s Discovery Amber Ale 6.0% abv

Green’s Enterprise Dry Hop Lager 4.0% abv

Green’s Endeavor Dubbel Ale 7.0% abv

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Grist Sorghum Beer 5.75% abv

New Planet Brewing – Boulder, Colorado

3R Raspberry Ale 5% abv

Amber Ale 5% abv

American Blonde Ale 5.0% abv

American Pale Ale 6.4% abv

Widmer Brewing Co. Portland, Oregon

Omission Gluten-Free Light Lager 4.6% abv

Omission Gluten-Free Pale Ale 5.8% abv


Cider Section


Aces Premium Ciders – Sebastopol, CA

Apple Honey Cider 5% abv

Berry Cider 5% abv

Joker Cider 5% abv

Perry Cider 5% abv

Pumpkin Cider 5% abv

Angry Orchard – Jamaica Plains, MA

Apple Ginger Cider 5% abv

Cinnful Apple Cider 5% abv

Crisp Apple Cider 5% abv

Green Apple Cider 5% abv

Iceman Cider 10% abv

Strawman Cider 10% abv

Brokenstraw Beverage LLC – Baldwinsville, NY

Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider 5.5% abv

Crispin Cider Co. – Minneapolis, MN

Blackberry & Pear Cider 5% abv

Browns Lane English Cider 5.8% abv

Original Cider 5% abv

Pacific Pear Cider 4.5% abv

Ciderboys – Stevens Point, WI

Cranberry Road Cider 5% abv

First Press Traditional hard cider 5% abv

Mad Bark Apple Cinnamon Cider 5% abv

Magic Apple Strawberry Cider 5% abv

Magners Irish Ciders – South Tipperary, Ireland

Irish Original Cider 4.5% abv

Pear Cider 4.5% abv

Stella Artois – Anheuser Busch Inbev, Belgium

Cidre Cider 4.5% abv

Strong Bow – Herefordshire, England

Golden Cider 5% abv

Honey Apple Cider 5% abv

Woodchuck Cidery  – Middlebury, VT

802 Dark & Dry Cider 5% abv

Amber Cider 5% abv

Fall Cider 5 %abv

Granny Smith Cider 5% abv

Hopsation Cider 5% abv

Mint Cider 5% abv

Private Reserve Pumpkin 5% abv

Private Reserve Pink Cider 5% abv

Wyders – Vancouver, Canada

            Dry Pear Cider 4% abv

Dry Raspberry Cider 4% abv


Midwest Region


Abita Brewing

Andygator Doppelbock 8% abv

Oktoberfest Marzen 5.4% abv

Pecan Harvest Brown Ale 5.2% abv

Purple Haze Raspberry Ale 4.2% abv

Turbo Dog English Brown Ale 5.6% abv

Against the Grain

35K Milk Stout 7% abv

Citra Ass Down! IPA 8% abv

Rico Sauvin IPA 7.6% abv

Arcadia Ales

English Style IPA 6% abv

Loch Down Scotch Ale 8% abv

Hopmouth Double IPA 8.1% abv

Rapunzel Wheat IPA 6.4% abv

High Rye 6% abv

Boulevard Brewing

80 Acre Hoppy Wheat 5.5% abv

Bob’s 47 Oktoberfest Marzen 5.8% abv

Bully! Porter English Style 6% abv

Grainstorm Black IPA

KC Pils 4.8% abv

Pale Ale 5.4% abv

Pop Up Session IPA 4.3% abv

Single-wide IPA 5.7% abv

Sixth Glass Quadrupel 10.5% abv

Tank 7 Saison Farmhouse Ale 8.5% abv

Two Jokers Double Witbier 8% abv

Unfiltered Wheat 4.4% abv

Empyrean Brewing

Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA 7% abv

Dark Side Vanilla Porter 5.7% abv

Man IPA 4.6% abv

Goose Island Brewing

312 Pale Ale 5.4% abv

312 Urban Wheat 4.2% abv

Honker’s English Bitter 4.3% abv

India Pale Ale 5.98% abv

Matilda Belgian Strong Ale 7% abv

Rambler IPA6.7% abv

Saison Farmhouse Ale 6.5% abv

Lakefront Brewing Co.

Cherry Lager 5.5% abv

Extended Play Session IPA 4.2% abv

Fixed Gear Red Ale 6.8% abv

Fuel Café Coffee Stout 6.4% abv

Imperial Pumpkin Brandy Barrel Aged 9.5% abv

Leinenkugel’s Brewing

Creamy Dark 4.9% abv

Honey Wheat 4.9% abv

Lemon Berry Weiss 4.2% abv

Oktoberfest 5.1% abv

Orange Shandy 4.2% abv

Sunset Wheat 4.9% abv

Nebraska Brewing

Brunette Nut Brown English Ale 4.8% abv

Cardinal Pale 5.75 % abv

EOS Hefeweizen 4.8% abv

India Pale Ale 6.9% abv

Specialty Release TBA

New Holland Brewing

Full Circle Kolsch 4.9% abv

Dragon’s Milk Barrel Aged Imp Stout 10% abv

Mad Hatter IPA 5.25% abv

Monkey King Saison Farmhouse 6.6% abv

Sundog Amber Ale 5.25% abv

The Poet Oatmeal Stout 5.2% abv

O’Fallon Brewing

Hemp Hop Rye 5.5% abv

Pumpkin Ale 5.6% abv

Wheach Peach 5.1% abv

Zekes Pale Ale 5.1% abv

Off Color Brewing

Apex Predator Saison Farmhouse 6.5% abv

Scurry Altbier 5.3% abv

Troublesome Gose 4.3% abv

Peace Tree Brewing

Blonde Fatale Belgian Strong Ale 8.5% abv

Hop Wrangler Belgian IPA 6.25% abv

Red Rambler Amber Ale 5.87% abv

Schlafly Brewing

Coffee Oatmeal Stout 5.7% abv

Dry Hop APA 5.9% abv

Kolsch 4.8% abv

Oatmeal Stout 5.7% abv

Pale Ale 4.4% abv

Pumpkin Ale 8% abv

Shiner Brewing

Black Lager 4.9% abv

Kosmo Pale Lager 4.9% abv

Premium Pale Lager4.4% abv

Prickly Pear 4.9% abv

Shiner Bock 4.9% abv

White Wing Wit Bier 4.7% abv

Wild Hare Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Shocktop Brewing

Belgian White Witbier 5.2% abv

Honey crisp Apple Wheat 5.2% abv

Pumpkin Ale 5.2% abv

Raspberry Wheat Ale 5.2% abv

Summit Brewing

EPA Extra Pale Ale 5.3% abv

Oktoberfest Marzen 6.6% abv

Saga American IPA 6.4% abv

Thunderhead Brewing

Cornstalker Dark Wheat 5.2% abv

Crop Duster MidAmerican IPA 6.5% abv

Golden Frau Honey Wheat 7.5% abv

Leatherhead Red Ale 5.2% abv


Colorado Section


Avery Brewing

21st Anniversary American Brown Ale 8.7% abv

American India Pale Ale 5.7% abv

Ellie’s American Brown Ale 5.5% abv

Karma Belgian Pale 5.2% abv

Out of Bounds Stout 6.3% abv

White Rascal Witbier 5.6% abv

Blue Moon Brewing

Belgian Witbier 5.4% ABV

Short Straw Farmhouse Red 5.4% abv

Boulder Beer

Buffalo Gold Blonde Ale 4% abv

Dragonhosen Imp Octoberfest 9% abv

Hazed & Infused Pale Ale 5% abv

Mojo IPA 7.2% abv

Shake Chocolate Porter 5.9% abv

Singletrack Copper Pale 5.2% abv

Breckenridge Brewing

471 Imperial IPA 9.2% abv

Agave Wheat 4.2% abv

Autumn Old Ale 6.7% abv

Avalanche Pale Ale 4.4 abv

Oatmeal Stout 4.95% abv

Vanilla Porter 4.7% abv

Fort Collins Brewing

1020 Pale Ale 5% abv

Chocolate Stout 5.3% abv

Doppel Bock 10.2% abv

Hoptitude Imperial IPA 7.5% abv

Out of the Ashes Smoked IPA 5.8% abv

Red Banshee Ale 5.3% abv

Great Divide Brewing

Claymore Scotch Ale 7.7% abv

Colette Farmhouse Ale 7.3% abv

Lasso Session IPA 5% abv

Titan IPA 7.1% abv

Yeti Imperial Stout 9.5% abv

Left Hand Brewing

2014 Pro Am (Jalapeno Cream Ale)

Black Jack Porter 6.8% abv

Milk Stout Nitro 6% abv

Milk Stout (Sweet Stout) 6% abv

Sawtooth Ale (Extra Special Bitter) 5.3% abv

New Belgium

1554 Enlightened Black Ale 5.6% abv

Fat Tire Amber Ale 5.2% abv

Lips of Faith Gruit Ale 6.66% abv

Rampant Imp IPA 8.5% abv

Ranger IPA 6.5% abv

Shift Pale Lager 5% abv

Snapshot Wheat 5% abv

Tour de Fall Pale Ale 6% abv

Trippel Belgian Ale 7.8% abv

Odell Brewing Co.

90 Schilling Scottish Ale 5.3% abv

Cutthroat Porter 5.1% abv

Easy Street Wheat 4.6% abv

Footprint RegionAle 2014 9.6% abv

India Pale Ale 7% abv

Loose Leaf Session Ale 4.5% abv

Mercenary Dbl IPA 9.3% abv

Mtn Standard Black IPA 9.5% abv

Specialty Release TBA

Oskar Blues Brewing

Dale’s Pale Ale 6.5% abv

Deviant Dale’s Imperial IPA 8% abv

G’Knight Imperial Red IPA 8.7% abv

Gubna Imperial IPA 10% abv

Old Chub Scottish Ale 8% abv

Mama’s Little Yella Pils 5.3% abv

Old Chub NITRO Scotch Ale 8% abv

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout 10.5% abv

Redstone Meadery

Blackberry Nectar Mead 8% abv

Nectar of the Hops Mead 8% abv

Sunshine Nectar Mead 8% abv

Traditional Honey Mead 12% abv

Renegade Brewing

Consilium Pale (Oats, Org Peel, Lactos) 5% abv

Elevation “3” Triple IPA 11% abv

Redacted Rye IPA 7% abv

SKA Brewing Co.

Buster Nut Brown Ale 5.15% abv

Decadent Imperial IPA 10% abv

ESB Special Ale 5.7% abv

Modus Hoperandi IPA 6.8% abv

Pinstrip Red Ale 5.15% abv

Steel Toe Mild Stout 5.4% abv

True Blonde Ale 5.3% abv

Twisted Pine Brewing

Big Shot Espresso Stout 6% abv

Hoppy Boy Pale Ale 6% abv

Hop Zealot IPA 6.7% abv

Hop Zealot IPA 6.7% abv

La Petite Saison 5.3% qabv


West Coast Region


Anchor Brewing Co.

American Porter 5.6% abv

California American Pale Lager 4.9% abv

California Common Steam Ale 4.9% abv

Liberty IPA 5.9% abv

Old Foghorn Barleywine-Style Ale 10% abv

Anderson Valley

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout 5.8% abv

Boont Amber Ale 5.8% abv

Brother David’s Belgian-Style Duppel 9% abv

Hop Ottin IPA 7% abv

The Kimmie, Yank and Holy Gose 4.2% abv

Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 6.9% abv

Fireman’s Brew Inc.

Blonde American Pale Lager 5% abv

Brunette Doppelbock 8% abv

Redhead Amber Ale 5.5% abv

Gordon Biersch Brewery

Hefeweizen 5.4% abv

Marzen 5.8% abv

Green Flash Brewing

Double Stout 8.8% abv

Hop Odyssey: Citra Session IPA 5% abv

Hop Odyssey: White IPA 7% abv

Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA 9% abv

West Coast Double IPA 8.1% abv

Humboldt Brewing Co

500 BC Double IPA 8.3% abv

Brown Hemp Ale 5.7% abv

Nectar IPA 6.8% abv

Red Nectar Ale 5.5% abv

Lagunitas Brewing

DayTime Session IPA 4.65% abv

Hop Stoopid Double IPA 8% abv

Imperial Red IPA 7.8% abv

India Pale Ale 6.2% abv

Little Sumpin Extra! IPA 8.5% abv

Little Sumpin Sumpin Pale Wheat 7.5% abv

Maximus Imperial IPA 8.2% abv

Lost Coast Brewing

25th Anniversary Belgian Strong Ale 8.8% abv

Alleycat Amber 5.5% abv

Downtown Brown Ale 5.0% abv

Eightball Stout 6.3% abv

Great White Ale 4.8% abv

Indica IPA 6.5% abv

Tangerine White Ale 5.0% abv

North Coast Brewing

Acme California IPA 6.9% abv

Brother Thelonious Belgian Strong Ale 19.4% abv

Le Merle Saison Ale 7.95 abv

Old #38 Dry Stout 5.6% abv

Old Rasputin Russian Imp Stout 9.0% abv

Pranqster Belgian Strong Pale Ale 7.6% abv

Ruedrich’s Red Seal Amber Ale 5.5% abv

Scrimshaw Pilsner 4.4% abv

Sierra Nevada Brewing

American Pale Ale 5.6%abv

American Porter 5.6% abv

American Stout 5.8% abv

Big Foot 2013 Barleywine Ale – 9.6% ab

Flipside Red IPA 6.2% abv v

Kellerweis Hefeweizen 4.8% abv

Narwhal Russian Imperial Stout 10.2% abv

Ovila Abbey Saison 7% abv

Specialty Release – TBA

Torpedo Extra IPA 7.2% abv

Stone Brewing Company

Arrogant Bastard American Strong Ale 7.2% abv

Cali-Belgique Belgian-Style IPA 6.9% abv

Go To Session American IPA 4.5% abv

India Pale Ale 6.9% abv

Old Guardian Barleywine-Style Ale 11% abv

Sublimely Self-Righteous Black Ale 8.7% abv


Northwest Region


Big Sky Brewing

Moose Drool Brown Ale 5.1% abv

Trout Slayer Pale Wheat 5% abv

Bridgeport Brewing

India Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Kingpin Double Red Ale 7.5% abv

Topaz Copper IPA 6.5% abv

Trilogy #2 Aussie Salute IPA 5.8% abv

Trilogy #3 Dry Hopped Session Brown 5% abv

Caldera Brewing Co.

American IPA 6.1% abv

Ashland Amber 5.4% abv

Caldera Pale 5.5% abv

Lawnmower Lager 3.9% abv

Pilot Rock Porter 5.8% abv

Deschutes Brewing Co.

Black Butte Porter 5.2% abv

Chainbreaker Belgian White Ale 5.6% abv

Fresh Squeeze IPA 6.4% abv

Inversion IPA 6.8% abv

JubelAle Winter Warmer 6.7% abv

Mirror Pond Pale Ale 5% abv

Obsidian Stout 6.4% abv

Grand Teton Brewing

Bitch Creek ESB Extra Special Brown 6% abv

Howling Wolf Weiss Bier 5% abv

Sheepeater Scotch Ale 7.5% abv

Sweet Grass American Pale 6% abv

Red Hook

Dan Patrick Audible Pale Ale 4.7% abv

ESB Extra Special Bitter 5.8% abv

KCCO Black Lager 5.1% abv

Longhammer IPA 6.2% abv

Rogue Ales

American Amber Ale 5.6% abv

Dead Guy Maibock 6.5% abv

Hazelnut Brown Nectar 6.2% abv

Rogue Farms 7 Hop Ipa 8.2% abv

Mocha Porter 5.3% abv

Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout 6.1% abv

VooDoo Doughnut Chocolate, Peanut butter, Banana 5.3% abv

VooDoo Doughnut Raspberry Pretzel, Chocolate 5.4% abv

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Alchemy Pale Ale 5.38% abv

Hefeweizen 4.9% abv


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