The Beers

The 2014 festival features more handcrafted, imported and domestic brews than any other beer event in Wichita.  There will also be a selection of non-beer adult beverages and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Midwest Beerfest List of Beers by region

East Coast Region

Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)

Boston Vienna Lager 4.9% abv

Cream Stout 4.96% abv

Cherry Wheat 5.3% abv

Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale 8.5% abv

Harvest Pumpkin Ale 5.7% abv

Harvest Saison

New World Tripel 10.0% abv

Octoberfest Marzen 5.3% abv

Rebel IPA

Stoney Brooke red Wild Ale 9.0% abv

Tetravis Quadrupel 10.2% abv

Thirteenth Hour Stout 9.0% abv

Brewery Ommegang

Abbey Dubbel Ale 8.2% abv

Fleur de Houblon Belgian-Style Pale Ale 6.8% abv

Gnommegang Belgian-Style Strong Pale Ale 9.5% abv

Hop House Belgian Pale 6.0% abv

Rare Vos Belgian-Style Pale Ale 6.5% abv

Three Philosophers Quadrupel 9.8% abv


English Style Mild Ale 5.1% abv

India Pale Ale 6.3% abv

Octoberfest Marzen 5.5% abv

Original Honey Brown 4.5% abv

Pilsner 5.0% abv

Porter 6.5% abv

Evil Twin Brewing

Freudian Slip Barleywine Ale 10.3% abv

Hipster Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Hop Flood Amber Ale 7% abv

Lil B Porter 11.5% abv

Low Life German Pilsner 5.5% abv

Molotov Cocktail Imperial IPA 13% abv

Yang Imperial IPA 10% abv

Imperial Stout 10% abv

Magic Hat Brewing

#9 Pale Ale 5.1% abv

Bittersweet Lenny’s Rye DIPA 10% abv

Circus Boy Hefeweizen 4.54% abv

Death of a Contract Brewer Black IPA 7% abv

Genesis Dry-hop Session Ale 5.5% abv

Hop Manna American IPA 6.8% abv

Schmaltz Brewing (He’Brew)

Messiah American Brown Ale 5.5% abv

Whilhelm Scream Pumpkin 5.4% abv

Stillwater Artisanal Ales

As Follows Belgian Strong Ale 9% abv

Classique Saison Farmhouse Ale 4.5% abv

Existent Saison Farmhouse Ale 7.4% abv

Folklore Belgian Strong Dark Ale 8.4% abv

Saison Darkly Farmhouse Ale 8% abv

Why Can’t IBU Belgian IPA 5.7% abv



Kansas Region


Big John’s Brewing

Honey Wheat Ale 4.5% abv


Defiance Brewing

Gutch English-Style Mild 5% abv

Thrasher Session IPA 4.5% abv

Willy Nilly Golden Ale (Ginger & Orange Peel) 5% abv

Free State Brewing Co.

Ad Astra German Altbier 5.6% abv

Copperhead Pale Ale 6.0% abv

Ironman Imp Stout 8.4% abv

Oatmeal Stout 6.1% abv

Octoberfest Marzen 5.4% abv

Wheat State Golden Kolsch 5.1% abv

Winterfest IPA

Spec Release TBD

Spec Release TBD

Granite City Brewing

Duke IPA

Falling Leaf Autumn Ale


Hank is Wiser

Linger IPA 5% Abv

Peachy Pale Ale

Seasonal Porter TBA

Seasonal Stout TBA

Seasonal Wheat TBA

Watermelon Pale Ale

Radius Brewing Company

Low 5 Pale Ale 5.2% abv

Porter 6% abv

Rumor Has It…IPA 6.6% abv

William Allen Wheat 5.4% abv

River City Brewing Co

Apricot Brett Saison 6% abv

Blitzkrieg (Imp Oktoberfest Lager) 9% abv

Cerveza De Chile Verde 5.5% abv

Flemish Red 6% abv

Robtimus Citra 7.5% abv

Surprise Firkin TBA

Tallgrass Brewing Co.

8-Bit Pale Ale 5.2% abv

Buffalo Sweat Milk Stout 5% abv

Ethos IPA 6.8% abv

Pub Ale English Mild 4.4% abv

Special Release – TBA

Zombie Monkey Porter 6.2% abv

Walnut River Brewing

High Beam IPA 7.7% abv

Tetor Rock Kolsch 4.7% abv

Warbeard Irish Red 5.6% abv

Wichita Brewing Company

5:02 Amber 5.82% abv

Belgian Dubbel 7.25% abv

Half Wit Wheat 5.82% abv

One Hopper Pale Ale 5.16% abv

Passion Fruit Saison 5.25% abv

Yumkin Pumpkin 6.7% abv


Gluten Free Section


Bard’s Tale Brewing  – Buffalo, New York

Dragon Gold 4.3% abv

Estrella Dam Brewing – Barcelona, Spain

Estrella Dam Daura Lager 5.4% abv

De Proef Brouwerij – Hazel Grove Stockport, UK

Green’s Discovery Amber Ale 6.0% abv

Green’s Enterprise Dry Hop Lager 4.0% abv

Green’s Endeavor Dubbel Ale 7.0% abv

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Grist Sorghum Beer 5.75% abv

New Planet Brewing – Boulder, Colorado

3R Raspberry Ale 5% abv

Amber Ale 5% abv

American Blonde Ale 5.0% abv

American Pale Ale 6.4% abv

Widmer Brewing Co. Portland, Oregon

Omission Gluten-Free Light Lager 4.6% abv

Omission Gluten-Free Pale Ale 5.8% abv


Cider Section


Aces Premium Ciders – Sebastopol, CA

Apple Honey Cider 5% abv

Berry Cider 5% abv

Joker Cider 5% abv

Perry Cider 5% abv

Pumpkin Cider 5% abv

Angry Orchard – Jamaica Plains, MA

Apple Ginger Cider 5% abv

Cinnful Apple Cider 5% abv

Crisp Apple Cider 5% abv

Green Apple Cider 5% abv

Iceman Cider 10% abv

Strawman Cider 10% abv

Brokenstraw Beverage LLC – Baldwinsville, NY

Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider 5.5% abv

Crispin Cider Co. – Minneapolis, MN

Blackberry & Pear Cider 5% abv

Browns Lane English Cider 5.8% abv

Original Cider 5% abv

Pacific Pear Cider 4.5% abv

Ciderboys – Stevens Point, WI

Cranberry Road Cider 5% abv

First Press Traditional hard cider 5% abv

Mad Bark Apple Cinnamon Cider 5% abv

Magic Apple Strawberry Cider 5% abv

Magners Irish Ciders – South Tipperary, Ireland

Irish Original Cider 4.5% abv

Pear Cider 4.5% abv

Stella Artois – Anheuser Busch Inbev, Belgium

Cidre Cider 4.5% abv

Strong Bow – Herefordshire, England

Golden Cider 5% abv

Honey Apple Cider 5% abv

Woodchuck Cidery  – Middlebury, VT

802 Dark & Dry Cider 5% abv

Amber Cider 5% abv

Fall Cider 5 %abv

Granny Smith Cider 5% abv

Hopsation Cider 5% abv

Mint Cider 5% abv

Private Reserve Pumpkin 5% abv

Private Reserve Pink Cider 5% abv

Wyders – Vancouver, Canada

            Dry Pear Cider 4% abv

Dry Raspberry Cider 4% abv


Midwest Region


Abita Brewing

Andygator Doppelbock 8% abv

Oktoberfest Marzen 5.4% abv

Pecan Harvest Brown Ale 5.2% abv

Purple Haze Raspberry Ale 4.2% abv

Turbo Dog English Brown Ale 5.6% abv

Against the Grain

35K Milk Stout 7% abv

Citra Ass Down! IPA 8% abv

Rico Sauvin IPA 7.6% abv

Arcadia Ales

English Style IPA 6% abv

Loch Down Scotch Ale 8% abv

Hopmouth Double IPA 8.1% abv

Rapunzel Wheat IPA 6.4% abv

High Rye 6% abv

Boulevard Brewing

80 Acre Hoppy Wheat 5.5% abv

Bob’s 47 Oktoberfest Marzen 5.8% abv

Bully! Porter English Style 6% abv

Grainstorm Black IPA

KC Pils 4.8% abv

Pale Ale 5.4% abv

Pop Up Session IPA 4.3% abv

Single-wide IPA 5.7% abv

Sixth Glass Quadrupel 10.5% abv

Tank 7 Saison Farmhouse Ale 8.5% abv

Two Jokers Double Witbier 8% abv

Unfiltered Wheat 4.4% abv

Empyrean Brewing

Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA 7% abv

Dark Side Vanilla Porter 5.7% abv

Man IPA 4.6% abv

Goose Island Brewing

312 Pale Ale 5.4% abv

312 Urban Wheat 4.2% abv

Honker’s English Bitter 4.3% abv

India Pale Ale 5.98% abv

Matilda Belgian Strong Ale 7% abv

Rambler IPA6.7% abv

Saison Farmhouse Ale 6.5% abv

Lakefront Brewing Co.

Cherry Lager 5.5% abv

Extended Play Session IPA 4.2% abv

Fixed Gear Red Ale 6.8% abv

Fuel Café Coffee Stout 6.4% abv

Imperial Pumpkin Brandy Barrel Aged 9.5% abv

Leinenkugel’s Brewing

Creamy Dark 4.9% abv

Honey Wheat 4.9% abv

Lemon Berry Weiss 4.2% abv

Oktoberfest 5.1% abv

Orange Shandy 4.2% abv

Sunset Wheat 4.9% abv

Nebraska Brewing

Brunette Nut Brown English Ale 4.8% abv

Cardinal Pale 5.75 % abv

EOS Hefeweizen 4.8% abv

India Pale Ale 6.9% abv

Specialty Release TBA

New Holland Brewing

Full Circle Kolsch 4.9% abv

Dragon’s Milk Barrel Aged Imp Stout 10% abv

Mad Hatter IPA 5.25% abv

Monkey King Saison Farmhouse 6.6% abv

Sundog Amber Ale 5.25% abv

The Poet Oatmeal Stout 5.2% abv

O’Fallon Brewing

Hemp Hop Rye 5.5% abv

Pumpkin Ale 5.6% abv

Wheach Peach 5.1% abv

Zekes Pale Ale 5.1% abv

Off Color Brewing

Apex Predator Saison Farmhouse 6.5% abv

Scurry Altbier 5.3% abv

Troublesome Gose 4.3% abv

Peace Tree Brewing

Blonde Fatale Belgian Strong Ale 8.5% abv

Hop Wrangler Belgian IPA 6.25% abv

Red Rambler Amber Ale 5.87% abv

Schlafly Brewing

Coffee Oatmeal Stout 5.7% abv

Dry Hop APA 5.9% abv

Kolsch 4.8% abv

Oatmeal Stout 5.7% abv

Pale Ale 4.4% abv

Pumpkin Ale 8% abv

Shiner Brewing

Black Lager 4.9% abv

Kosmo Pale Lager 4.9% abv

Premium Pale Lager4.4% abv

Prickly Pear 4.9% abv

Shiner Bock 4.9% abv

White Wing Wit Bier 4.7% abv

Wild Hare Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Shocktop Brewing

Belgian White Witbier 5.2% abv

Honey crisp Apple Wheat 5.2% abv

Pumpkin Ale 5.2% abv

Raspberry Wheat Ale 5.2% abv

Summit Brewing

EPA Extra Pale Ale 5.3% abv

Oktoberfest Marzen 6.6% abv

Saga American IPA 6.4% abv

Thunderhead Brewing

Cornstalker Dark Wheat 5.2% abv

Crop Duster MidAmerican IPA 6.5% abv

Golden Frau Honey Wheat 7.5% abv

Leatherhead Red Ale 5.2% abv


Colorado Section


Avery Brewing

21st Anniversary American Brown Ale 8.7% abv

American India Pale Ale 5.7% abv

Ellie’s American Brown Ale 5.5% abv

Karma Belgian Pale 5.2% abv

Out of Bounds Stout 6.3% abv

White Rascal Witbier 5.6% abv

Blue Moon Brewing

Belgian Witbier 5.4% ABV

Short Straw Farmhouse Red 5.4% abv

Boulder Beer

Buffalo Gold Blonde Ale 4% abv

Dragonhosen Imp Octoberfest 9% abv

Hazed & Infused Pale Ale 5% abv

Mojo IPA 7.2% abv

Shake Chocolate Porter 5.9% abv

Singletrack Copper Pale 5.2% abv

Breckenridge Brewing

471 Imperial IPA 9.2% abv

Agave Wheat 4.2% abv

Autumn Old Ale 6.7% abv

Avalanche Pale Ale 4.4 abv

Oatmeal Stout 4.95% abv

Vanilla Porter 4.7% abv

Fort Collins Brewing

1020 Pale Ale 5% abv

Chocolate Stout 5.3% abv

Doppel Bock 10.2% abv

Hoptitude Imperial IPA 7.5% abv

Out of the Ashes Smoked IPA 5.8% abv

Red Banshee Ale 5.3% abv

Great Divide Brewing

Claymore Scotch Ale 7.7% abv

Colette Farmhouse Ale 7.3% abv

Lasso Session IPA 5% abv

Titan IPA 7.1% abv

Yeti Imperial Stout 9.5% abv

Left Hand Brewing

2014 Pro Am (Jalapeno Cream Ale)

Black Jack Porter 6.8% abv

Milk Stout Nitro 6% abv

Milk Stout (Sweet Stout) 6% abv

Sawtooth Ale (Extra Special Bitter) 5.3% abv

New Belgium

1554 Enlightened Black Ale 5.6% abv

Fat Tire Amber Ale 5.2% abv

Lips of Faith Gruit Ale 6.66% abv

Rampant Imp IPA 8.5% abv

Ranger IPA 6.5% abv

Shift Pale Lager 5% abv

Snapshot Wheat 5% abv

Tour de Fall Pale Ale 6% abv

Trippel Belgian Ale 7.8% abv

Odell Brewing Co.

90 Schilling Scottish Ale 5.3% abv

Cutthroat Porter 5.1% abv

Easy Street Wheat 4.6% abv

Footprint RegionAle 2014 9.6% abv

India Pale Ale 7% abv

Loose Leaf Session Ale 4.5% abv

Mercenary Dbl IPA 9.3% abv

Mtn Standard Black IPA 9.5% abv

Specialty Release TBA

Oskar Blues Brewing

Dale’s Pale Ale 6.5% abv

Deviant Dale’s Imperial IPA 8% abv

G’Knight Imperial Red IPA 8.7% abv

Gubna Imperial IPA 10% abv

Old Chub Scottish Ale 8% abv

Mama’s Little Yella Pils 5.3% abv

Old Chub NITRO Scotch Ale 8% abv

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout 10.5% abv

Redstone Meadery

Blackberry Nectar Mead 8% abv

Nectar of the Hops Mead 8% abv

Sunshine Nectar Mead 8% abv

Traditional Honey Mead 12% abv

Renegade Brewing

Consilium Pale (Oats, Org Peel, Lactos) 5% abv

Elevation “3” Triple IPA 11% abv

Redacted Rye IPA 7% abv

SKA Brewing Co.

Buster Nut Brown Ale 5.15% abv

Decadent Imperial IPA 10% abv

ESB Special Ale 5.7% abv

Modus Hoperandi IPA 6.8% abv

Pinstrip Red Ale 5.15% abv

Steel Toe Mild Stout 5.4% abv

True Blonde Ale 5.3% abv

Twisted Pine Brewing

Big Shot Espresso Stout 6% abv

Hoppy Boy Pale Ale 6% abv

Hop Zealot IPA 6.7% abv

Hop Zealot IPA 6.7% abv

La Petite Saison 5.3% qabv


West Coast Region


Anchor Brewing Co.

American Porter 5.6% abv

California American Pale Lager 4.9% abv

California Common Steam Ale 4.9% abv

Liberty IPA 5.9% abv

Old Foghorn Barleywine-Style Ale 10% abv

Anderson Valley

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout 5.8% abv

Boont Amber Ale 5.8% abv

Brother David’s Belgian-Style Duppel 9% abv

Hop Ottin IPA 7% abv

The Kimmie, Yank and Holy Gose 4.2% abv

Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 6.9% abv

Fireman’s Brew Inc.

Blonde American Pale Lager 5% abv

Brunette Doppelbock 8% abv

Redhead Amber Ale 5.5% abv

Gordon Biersch Brewery

Hefeweizen 5.4% abv

Marzen 5.8% abv

Green Flash Brewing

Double Stout 8.8% abv

Hop Odyssey: Citra Session IPA 5% abv

Hop Odyssey: White IPA 7% abv

Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA 9% abv

West Coast Double IPA 8.1% abv

Humboldt Brewing Co

500 BC Double IPA 8.3% abv

Brown Hemp Ale 5.7% abv

Nectar IPA 6.8% abv

Red Nectar Ale 5.5% abv

Lagunitas Brewing

DayTime Session IPA 4.65% abv

Hop Stoopid Double IPA 8% abv

Imperial Red IPA 7.8% abv

India Pale Ale 6.2% abv

Little Sumpin Extra! IPA 8.5% abv

Little Sumpin Sumpin Pale Wheat 7.5% abv

Maximus Imperial IPA 8.2% abv

Lost Coast Brewing

25th Anniversary Belgian Strong Ale 8.8% abv

Alleycat Amber 5.5% abv

Downtown Brown Ale 5.0% abv

Eightball Stout 6.3% abv

Great White Ale 4.8% abv

Indica IPA 6.5% abv

Tangerine White Ale 5.0% abv

North Coast Brewing

Acme California IPA 6.9% abv

Brother Thelonious Belgian Strong Ale 19.4% abv

Le Merle Saison Ale 7.95 abv

Old #38 Dry Stout 5.6% abv

Old Rasputin Russian Imp Stout 9.0% abv

Pranqster Belgian Strong Pale Ale 7.6% abv

Ruedrich’s Red Seal Amber Ale 5.5% abv

Scrimshaw Pilsner 4.4% abv

Sierra Nevada Brewing

American Pale Ale 5.6%abv

American Porter 5.6% abv

American Stout 5.8% abv

Big Foot 2013 Barleywine Ale – 9.6% ab

Flipside Red IPA 6.2% abv v

Kellerweis Hefeweizen 4.8% abv

Narwhal Russian Imperial Stout 10.2% abv

Ovila Abbey Saison 7% abv

Specialty Release – TBA

Torpedo Extra IPA 7.2% abv

Stone Brewing Company

Arrogant Bastard American Strong Ale 7.2% abv

Cali-Belgique Belgian-Style IPA 6.9% abv

Go To Session American IPA 4.5% abv

India Pale Ale 6.9% abv

Old Guardian Barleywine-Style Ale 11% abv

Sublimely Self-Righteous Black Ale 8.7% abv


Northwest Region


Big Sky Brewing

Moose Drool Brown Ale 5.1% abv

Trout Slayer Pale Wheat 5% abv

Bridgeport Brewing

India Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Kingpin Double Red Ale 7.5% abv

Topaz Copper IPA 6.5% abv

Trilogy #2 Aussie Salute IPA 5.8% abv

Trilogy #3 Dry Hopped Session Brown 5% abv

Caldera Brewing Co.

American IPA 6.1% abv

Ashland Amber 5.4% abv

Caldera Pale 5.5% abv

Lawnmower Lager 3.9% abv

Pilot Rock Porter 5.8% abv

Deschutes Brewing Co.

Black Butte Porter 5.2% abv

Chainbreaker Belgian White Ale 5.6% abv

Fresh Squeeze IPA 6.4% abv

Inversion IPA 6.8% abv

JubelAle Winter Warmer 6.7% abv

Mirror Pond Pale Ale 5% abv

Obsidian Stout 6.4% abv

Grand Teton Brewing

Bitch Creek ESB Extra Special Brown 6% abv

Howling Wolf Weiss Bier 5% abv

Sheepeater Scotch Ale 7.5% abv

Sweet Grass American Pale 6% abv

Red Hook

Dan Patrick Audible Pale Ale 4.7% abv

ESB Extra Special Bitter 5.8% abv

KCCO Black Lager 5.1% abv

Longhammer IPA 6.2% abv

Rogue Ales

American Amber Ale 5.6% abv

Dead Guy Maibock 6.5% abv

Hazelnut Brown Nectar 6.2% abv

Rogue Farms 7 Hop Ipa 8.2% abv

Mocha Porter 5.3% abv

Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout 6.1% abv

VooDoo Doughnut Chocolate, Peanut butter, Banana 5.3% abv

VooDoo Doughnut Raspberry Pretzel, Chocolate 5.4% abv

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Alchemy Pale Ale 5.38% abv

Hefeweizen 4.9% abv


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